HI EunJa

Did you get any more ideas yet? The books are still there on the shelves for you if you want to have another look.


Hello Mrs hall
As I told you today, I may change my subject to Korean, if that is okay with you...
Hope it does not upset you or anything...

Mrs Gourley
While you were not here, I have changed my mind and would like to change my subject to Korean.
Mrs.Park have already said it is okay with her.
Is it possible for me to swap now?

Mrs Park
주제를 생각해 보고 있긴 한데,
괜찮은거 혹시 생각 나시면 여기다가 적어주세요.
형식상 이런거 써야하는 것 같아서...
Its fine Eun Ji, whatever you think you will enjoy and gain satisfaction from doing. Just be careful to ensure that it is a literature topic - no other topic can be written in Korean.