For final submission

Final submission: Wednesday, 19 Jan @ 4:30 to Mr. Rossberg

You will need to submit three paper copies and 1 digital copy to Mr. Rossberg.
1. for IBO submission
2. for Library
3. for your adviser
4. digital copy of your .doc or .docx final draft to Mr. Rossberg

(From page 8 of the handbook of policies and procedures (new name for Vade Mecum):
Candidates must not enclose their examination material, such as extended essays,
theory of knowledge essays, works for internal assessment, language A1 world
literature, within any kind of folder or ring binding. )

Go to Subjects page
You will see the criteria in the Extended Essay guideline from the pdf
(at the top of the page)
Go to General Assessment p.19 for General Criteria
Then go to your subject for Subject specific criteria.

Print out Checklist

From the Checklist be sure you have followed these points:
F – Abstract
_My abstract is within the 300-word limit.
_I have clearly stated my research question in my abstract.
_I have clearly stated the scope of my investigation in my abstract.
_My abstract contains the conclusion I reached in my essay.

G -- Formal Presentation
_I have a title page clearly stating my research question, the subject of my extended essay, my name and candidate number.
_A table of contents is immediately after my abstract.
_Each page of my essay is correctly numbered and includes my candidate number either in the header or footer.
_I have accurately and consistently cited all my sources in an accepted format.
_I have included either a bibliography or a works cited page in an accepted format.