HI H.S. Kim

I have lots of books with ideas for experiments, so feel free to come and have a look to get some ideas


I hope you are more comfortable with your change of topics now that you have decided to do your paper on Korean literature. Be sure to check with Mrs. Park.

⇒ I've talked about my change of topic with Mrs. Park for a couple of weeks. But yet, we haven't decided specific topics.


As you decide on a specific topic keep in my mind you can explore a theme in a body of work by a Korean author or you can explore a theme in several works that are translated as in the example of Joan of Arc as presented by Shaw, Schiller and Anouilh.--bag----
I and Mrs. Park discussed and came up with a possible topic. <중국인 거리> is a novel and is located in Incheon, Korea. I can discuss the change in relationship between China and Korea in Korean literature. And I can visit there when I go to Korea in summer, take pictures and compare and contrast with the novel.

Great to have a chance to go to the location of the novel. It will make your work more interesting for you, and the reader.