March 18, 2009

Hye In's Extended Essay.
My chosen subject for Extended Essay is biology and my supervisor is Mrs.Hall.

March 28, 2009

1. I have carefully read the IB description of my selected subject and the criteria and these are the main points I need to consider:
- If the topic can be dealt with from a number of perspectives (such as biological, medical, social, economical), I need to focus on biological aspects.
- Essays can be based on data collected by the student or data obtained from literature and manipulated or analyzed in an original way by the student.
- If any practical work carried out in the laboratory or fieldwork is included, I need to include a clear description of the experimental procedure.
- I need to provide evidence in the essay of my personal contributions to the research approach and to the selection of the methods used.
- The raw data must be analyzed, processed and presented in a way that relates clearly and directly to the central argument of the essay.
- The main body of the essay should consist of an argument or evaluation based on the data presented and I need to point out the significant of any graphs, tables or diagrams.
- I need to provide some explanation of unexpected outcomes, but this should not form a major part of the discussion.
- In the analysis, I should describe and explain the limitations imposed on the research by different factors.
- If the original research question is not fully answered by the investigation, I should point out unresolved issues and make suggestions as to how these might be further investigated.

2. I have read some extended essays:
Examples from the subject essays as provided by the IB:
- “Can one-hour-long light pulses applied during the night shift the phase of circadian rhythms in the locomotor activity of Siberian Hamsters?” by Sangkyun Cho
Strengths: This essay includes a very clear structure, as well as good citations and bibliography.
- “Is there any correlation between the population density of Pandanus heliacorpus and the population size of Macrobrachium rosenbergii sp.?”
Strengths: This essay consists of various diagrams, pictures, calculations, tables and graphs that all support his discussion. It also includes both quantitative and qualitative data in a well organized form, as well as a detailed analysis.
- “The effect of age and gender on the photoreceptor cells in the human retina” by J. Gasparini
Strengths: This essay has various tables and graphs that are relevant to her discussion. It also provides interesting appendixes including a lot of pictures, tables and other evidences that helps understanding o her discussion.

3. I have tried some Google search strategies and these are what I tried:
- Google directory
- Google Advanced

4. I have explored other search engines:
- Yahoo

5. I tried some databases:
- Intute

- Public Library of Science
- National Science Digital Library
- Bentham Science Publications
- Directory of Open Access Journals
Strengths: Some of these databases provide some good journals of different topics, which helped me to get access to some interesting topics and develop some possible topics for my extended essay.

April 8, 2009

I met my supervisor Mrs.Hall. I wanted to do something related to genetics, but I was not sure what kind of experiment I need to do and I was even not sure what possible experiments I can conduct. So I discussed with Mrs.Hall about this and she suggested me some possible ways. Mrs.Hall also showed me equipments that I could use and provided me a lot of books that might help me narrow down my topic. I read some books to get some ideas about what I would do. I was actually quite surprised, because there were various experiments and topics that I could do. Of course, I can not just copy the experiment on the book directly, but this gave me ideas how I will design my own experiment and topic. I was especially interested in genetic investigations using drosophila, the fruit fly. But before drawing a hasty decision, I decided to read more books and do more research to find some other interesting topics or to narrow down this topic.

April 15, 2009

I made a personal account in NoodleBib.